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Texas Hold ‘Em for those, who know nothing about Poker but want to learn

Speaking about card games, an experienced gambling amateur would be able to name at least five popular games that are played around the world in the casinos of Las Vegas, California, and Monte Carlo. BlackJack, Preference, Bridge, Gin Rummy, Teen Patti, the list could be continued. There are dozens of them! And not to mention other games played in families and among friends during parties! Uno, Hearts, and other games make our life and communication more interesting.

But none of them can be compared to Poker – the most famous card game in the world. And what Poker variation is best-known even among those, who cannot be determined as card games fans? Yep, we are speaking about Texas Hold ‘Em!

Texas Holdem Poker Game – Less Complicated Than It Looks Like

It is true. I mean, I know, that for a beginner the Texas Holdem Poker can look like something very difficult to understand. The worst case, probably, if you observing the game with no one alongside to ask for an explanation. I remember, when I was a kid and watched “Maverick”, I was like “What, for God’s sake, are the rules of this game?!” Today, I gladly will tell you the answer and will try to make it as short as I can.

How To Play Texas Holdem Poker: Some Necessary Stuff

So, here is what you gonna need to play Texas Holdem Poker with your friends:

  1. A squad of 5-7 enthusiasts (or more). If you are want to practice alone, you can play Texas Holdem Poker online.
  2. A standard pack of 54 cards. Remove the Jokers before you start. If the company is bigger than ten people, use one more deck of a different color.
  3. A dealer’s button (that’s round thing, which sits in front of the current dealerб
  4. Chips or some stuff to replace them. It is obligatory because you cannot play Texas Hold ‘Em without stakes.
  5. A table you all can sit at.

Texas Holdem Poker Game: The Game’s Aim And Some Aspects You Need To Know

To start with, the card ranking in Texas Holdem Poker is usual, thus the Ace is the most important, and the two is the minor.

The suit and the color of the card can decide nothing. Hands’ rank is the only thing, that really matters.

The Hold’em game consists of several deals, and every time a new player deals the cards. The dealer’s button moves to him or her to identify the current dealer. In casinos, a professional dealer does the job, but the button still moves in the traditional order.

To define a first dealer one card is taken by each player (faceup). The highest card’s owner is the first to shuffle and deal. The next dealer is the player to his left. Left is the direction for all actions in the game.

The sense of Texas Holdem is to collect the best hand of five cards and take the pot.

Texas Holdem Rules: Betting

According to Texas Holdem Rules, the first bets in the is something, the players cannot deny. Or, rather the two of them. Typically, the size of the stake is agreed on, so, before the first cards are dealt, the player on the left of the dealer bets half of that sum. He is a Small Blind. Then, his immediate neighbor on the left bets the whole amount. He is a Big Blind. I.e: if the agreed unit is $6, the SB bets $3, and the BB bets $6.

After that, the dealer deals cards (to cards to each person, one at a time facedown). These cards belong personally to their holders and are called “Pocket Cards”. The players can see them.

The next to bet is the one sitting on the Big Blind’s left.

Texas Holdem Poker Rules give the following options to the players:

  • Check – bet nothing without folding. If the first opted for a Check, the next one can do the same.
  • Fold – drop out of the game.
  • Call – to bet the same sum as the big blind did.
  • Raise – bet more than a big blind, who, in this case, has a right to re-raise.

Texas Hold ‘Em: Streets

Texas Holdem Rules dictate that the only cards the players can hold in their hands are those two Pocket cards they got during the first tour of the game (pre-Flop).

Five other cards are dealt during the next tours faceup and at the miidle of the table (Community Cards). The players’ aim is to collect the best 5-card hand they could. To do so, they have a right to:

  • Use both of their pocket cards with 3 from the table.
  • Use 1 pocket card plus 4 from the table.
  • Not to use the pocket cards at all, but then they are obliged to claim they are playing “on board” at the showdown step and do so before they discard their hand.

There are the following tours in Texas Holdem:

  1. The Flop, where 3 community cards are dealt. After that, there is another round of bets.
  2. The Turn. One card is added to the Community cards, and once again the players should decide if they want to call, raise, fold or check.
  3. The River. The final card in the game is revealed and is also followed by betting.

If at this moment the only player is at the table, he wins the pot and has a right not to show his hand.

In case, there are two or more players, they show their cards. The last bettor reveals his hand first. And the pot belongs to the best hand’s holder (or holders if they have exactly the same hands). If two players have the hands of the same value, wins the one who has a kicker (the higher card). For example, if there are two players with “Pairs”, but one of them has a pair of tens and the other a pair of Jacks, Jacks will win.

Texas Holdem Poker Hands

There are several Texas Holdem Poker hands. In fact, they are the same in all Poker variations. Here they are from the least valuable:

  • High card. A hand where you cannot collect any combination.
  • A Pair. Two of five cards have the same value.
  • Two Pairs. A pair of one rank and a pair with another value +any card that differs.
  • 3 of a kind. Three cards of the same rank +two that are not a pair.
  • Four consecutive cards of different suits. Remember, that in the straight-A,2,3,4,5 – Ace is a low card.
  • All cards of the same suit, not in consequence.
  • Full house. Three of a kind + a pair.
  • Four of a kind. 4 cards of the same value + one that doesn’t match them.
  • Straight flush. A sequence of any 5 cards of the same suit. For example, 7,8,9,10,J (Hearts).
  • Royal flush. The best combination you can ever get in Texas Holdem hands. 10+J+Q+K+A of the same suit.

Here a brief summary of how to play Texas Holdem Poker. They are not complicated, but remember, that the devil is always in details. Hold’em has peculiarities too, so it is better to read a book or two about it and have some practice playing Texas Holdem Poker online.

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