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Online casino games: a guide for the Indian gamblers

There is no better place than a casino to find out if the Fates favors you. Fortunately, modern online casino games are multiple and various. Therefore, there are no limits and the gamblers can try their luck playing Teen Patii, Baccarat, Bura, or other traditional card games. To reach your Victory, study the rules!

Online casino games: what to choose to win

Strictly speaking, real money earning games in India is possible with almost any game. That all depends on the players’ skills, strategical thinking, and luck of course. However, here are some games inexperienced gamers can enjoy while online gambling.

Teen Patti: rules of the game

  • Type of the game – card game.
  • Card pack – 52 without jokers.
  • Numbers of players – 4-7.

First, online casino gamblers India agree at the smallest possible stake and form the pot at the center of the table.

  1. The dealer deals 3 face-down cards to each player. Then the game starts and the participants bet on whose hand is the best. Before making a bet, each player decides whether they want to see their card (seen player), or live them facedown (blind player).
  2. The first better is the one on dealer’s left. The game goes clockwise. If the better plays blind, he must bet the current stake at least, or twice as much. And the next player should bet as much as the blind did or more. If the first is a seen player, he must at least double the minimum stake or bet 3 or 4 times as much. And the next better should put into the pot at least half of the previous bet.
  3. Any player can fold in the process but that means he drops off the game and loses all money bet. A blind player has a right to turn into a seen one, but not vice versa.
  4. The game stops when all the players but one folds. Then, the last one to stay takes the pot. If there are two last betters one could request for hand to be shown. The cards compared and the winner takes it all.

Possible cards combinations

The gamblers can get:

  • Trio. Three same rank cards 
  • Run (Straight or Normal). Three same-suit or different-suit consecutive cards.
  • Color. Non-consecutive 3 cards from the same suit.
  • Pair. Two cards of equal rank.
  • High Card. If the three cards cannot be classified as one of the types described, the combination is a High Card.

A Short guide to Blackjack

Also known as 21 it is one of the best-known casino games in the world. The rules are quite simple; the players’ goal is to beat the dealer up. 

The number of players is 2-7 for the on 52-card deck without jokers. You can beat the dealer in the case when:

  • You get a hand with greater value than the dealer does;
  • You get a hand with a total value of 21 and the dealer’s hand is less or over 21.

Cards value

Players get two cards, which bring them some points. Cards 2-10 have their face value. The King, Queen, and Jack count as 10 points. The Ace is 11 or 1, depending on the situation. The players’ cards are both exposed, and the dealer has on exposed and one facedown.

Game process 

The dealer checks their facedown card. If the hand is total 21, the dealer shows cards and the set ends. If there is more or less, the game continues and the player should guess whose hand costs more.

There are several possible situations in the Blackjack game:

  1. Both the dealer and the player have 21 from the start. The player gets their bet back.
  2. The player has 21 and the dealer has less or more points than necessary; than the gambler wins the bet.
  3. The Value of the gamer’s hand is more than 21, which means the House wins.
  4. Neither dealer no gamer has enough points. The gamer has several options:
    • Stand. No more cards are drawn by the player if the gambler believes his combination is more profitable.
    • Hit. The dealer deals more cards to the player.
    • Double down The gambler doubles their bet, and gets one additional card.
    • Split. When the player gets 2 equal cards, they can bet one more wager, split them into 2 different hands and get two more cards.
    • Surrender. The gambler can give the drawn hand up and get half of the bet back.

Poker game

Pretty popular among the fans of online cash games India. The game is perfect for the medium group of players like 4-7. Traditionally poker is included in the real money games class. There are too many variations to write quick instruction, but in general, the game process is the following:

  • The gamblers form the pot with the first bets.
  • The dealer gives the cards.
  • Participants look at their cards and decide if they are ready to bet again or they prefer to fold. Some fold and others stay at the table and bet again.
  • When the last betting set is over, those at the table show their cards and the best hand holder takes the pot.

Bingo game

The mechanism of the bingo game is like the lottery. There are two 52-card deck, several players and the person to call the cards rank.

The caller deal 5 or 6 cards (depends on the number of gamblers) face up to each participant.

Then the caller draws the cards from the second deck calling their rank and value. If some player has an equal card in the hand, it should be turned facedown. The first with the complete set of turned cards is the winner.

Roulette rules

The game totally depends on the player’s luck.

In short, there is a table with red and black numbers from 1 to 36. The American modification may have “0-slot” and/or “00-slot”.  There are additional slots on the table that are without numbers.

And there is a spinning wheel with number-slots identical to the ones on the table.

The gamblers bet inside bets on the particular color and number. The outside bets on the additional slots with the higher chances of luck are also available.

When the bets are made, the dealer spins the roulette wheel and throws the small ball on it. The number where the ball stops is the winner.

How to play online casino games: FAQ

Choose a reliable casino and a slot. Then learn how the slot works and what the symbols are. Play the demo-mode at first, and then register an account. Make the minimum deposit and play.

Online casino games demand account registration. Once the player registers and makes a deposit they can play. To withdraw the prize the gambler should prove their identity.

It depends on the game chosen and your skills. The easiest to win is the game you are good at or slots. Slots are easy as they use a random number generator and the gambler doesn’t need special skills.

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